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About us

About JourneyBowl

Travel & Food Blog

Who we are

         Welcome to our travel, food & Life style  blog site Journeybowl.com. We are passionate about exploring the world & nature. We also passionate to discovering new cuisines, and sharing our experiences with fellow travel and food enthusiasts. In this Blog website we will provide Travel, Food & lifestyle related helpful content.

Journey bowl owner ashu jaggi & sukhleen kaur is a blogger & travel guide. Ashu Jaggi is also an event organizer. We working in travel, food & hospitality industry since 2008. Our team’s mission is to provide helpful & exciting content, which you can expect from our blog.

What we do

Our travel and food blog is your ultimate guide to discovering travel places, restaurants and food recipes.
Through our blog, we are dedicated to providing you with delectable content that will ignite your craving to travel and excite your taste buds. Folowing are topics that we cover in our blogs.

Our blogs content about


We provide travel guide in our blogs. We also provide tips & ideas about travel to make your journey easy.


We provide Knowlledge about food, cooking & restaurants in our blogs. We also provide food making tips

Life style

We share information about life style through this blog.


Trough our blogs you can explore travel destination . we provide knowledge about place to visit.

Our Team

Our dedicated and experienced team is working behind
Journeybowl travel and food blog. Our team includes travel explorers, food lovers, photographers and writers.

gs jaggi author journeybowl
Gs jaggi

Founder & travel blogger

sukhleen journeybowl
Sukhleen kaur

Writter & food blogger


Cooking expert

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