15 best food for the journey

       Eating and drinking healthy food during your trip makes the journey enjoyable. That’s why you should take Healthy & best food for the journey.

       If your health is good during the journey, then the fun of traveling doubles even more. So let’s go and know about a proper list of the best long-lasting food for travelling.

Best long-lasting food for the journey to be healthy while traveling

best long lasting food for the journey while trevelling
best long-lasting food for the journey while trevelling

      Good & healthier food makes your journey more enjoyable & comfortable. But sometimes we confuse, what to eat while traveling domestically or abroad. When we travel with family & Kids, it is difficult to select the best & healthy food along with.

      some people travel by train and they want to know which food is best for the train journey. Food plays an important role in travel. That’s why we should include those substances in our food which last for a long time. The best long-lasting food depends on the type of food we can carry with us while traveling.

Types of Long lasting food for the journey.

      When you travel for a long trip you should carry those food items which are well & not spoil over a long period. You can select those food items for a trip which is fit your taste. For travelers, those types of food are better, which stay fresh during the journey without a refrigerator. Following are the types of best long-lasting food for the journey to be healthy while traveling.

Homemade food for a long trip

When you are planning for a long journey by train then you can decide to carry homemade cooked food while traveling. Cooked food should be made without using oil, because of that it stays good for a long time.

Ready-to-eat food

Travelers can choose ready-to-eat or fully-cooked items like cup noodles, instant soups &  ready pasta, etc. You can choose an instant oatmeal packet which is the best healthy & ready to eat food to carry while traveling abroad. Some packed ready-to-eat food items by MTR are available in the market, it is the best food to eat during a trip.

Dry food & fruits

Dry food items are the best option for a long journey. You can carry along with dry fruits while traveling because it is healthy & nutritious food.

Packed food items for the journey

You can carry packaged food on a trip. Many types of packed food are available in the market like snacks, cookies, wafers, nuts & crackers, etc.

Powder food products

Sometimes we travel with a newborn baby, so it becomes necessary to carry baby food like milk powder & cereals Powder. So you can choose a powder form of food items to carry along with you while traveling.

Dry Bakery items

You can choose oil-free baked food to take with you while traveling, which is not perishable or has a long shelf life. Dry cakes, toasts & Biscuits are the best option to pack in luggage for traveling.

Instant-to-make drinks

A Traveler can carry instant-to-use drinks like fruit crusher, energy drinks & shakes while traveling. Some people travel with an elderly person & they like liquid food. 

Canned food

Different types of canned food are available in the market for use during trips. You can choose a variety of canned food like mixed vegetables, beans, nut mixture & jams for a long trip.

Medicated food

You can carry medicinal food for the journey which is long-lasting and healthy food. Some people travel by bus or air and are confused about what food they can eat to avoid vomiting. Hence medicinal food like lemon, herb juice, mint candy, and herb candy are the best foods for bus or flight to avoid vomiting.

Pickle & chutneys

Indians love to carry pickles and chutneys with them on their travels, which do not spoil quickly. It is also a medicated & healthier long-lasting food. So you can pack it along with you for a long trip.

Here are some types of long-lasting food for the journey.

15 best & long lasting foods for the journey while travelling.

  1. Dried fruits items – Choose real dry fruits like Dates, kiwi, & berry mix while traveling.
  2. Roasted & dry nuts – To be healthy while traveling You should eat roasted & dry almonds, cashews & peanuts.
  3. Popcorns & sweet corn – Planning travel with family and kids you should carry popcorns & sweetcorn along with.
  4. Roasted seeds & beans – You should eat roasted beans, peas & grain seeds to stay healthy during the trip.
  5. Cakes & buns – Eat a different variety of cakes & buns with tea or coffee during the journey.
  6. Homemade Indian food – You can choose homemade Indian chapati, snacks, vegetables, and other food for the journey. Indian pranthas with pickles or chutneys are long-lasting & amazing food to eat while traveling. 
  7. Chips & crackers – Travelers can eat potato chips, banana chips & whole grain crackers while traveling.
  8. Dry sea foods – Packets of dry sea foods are available in some countries. It could be a long-lasting food.
  9. Canned Tuna & salmon fish – Carrying the canned seafood during a long trip to stay healthy.
  10. Mango, lemon & chili pickles – Pack an Indian-style pickle to eat with bread or chapati during the journey.
  11. Pre-cooked pasta – Instant mix pasta packet and cup is the best food for traveling.
  12. Fruit crusher – Children love crusher while traveling for chill. You can mix the crusher in cold water & stir then it is ready to drink.
  13. Chalupa bread – Many people love to eat chalupa, significantly younger & kids. You can take homemade chalupa bread while traveling, which is the best long-lasting food for the journey.   
  14. Mint & herbs chutneys – During long journeys, you can carry a sauce of mint and herbs. It is a medicinal food that improves your digestion power and health.
  15. Fruit jams – Children love to eat fruit jams, so you can include them in your travel food list. You can make bread jam sandwiches and eat them while traveling.

Tips for how to keep your food fresh while travelling.

how to pack food for the journey
how to pack food for the journey

       Some people worry about how to keep food fresh & long-lasting while traveling. So Packing the food for traveling is an art and one of the best travel hacks in 2023. After knowing the best food for the journey, now we will talk about some best tips to preserve food for a long time.

  1. Vacuum-packed food – you can choose vacuum-packed food for a long trip. 
  2. Choose an airtight bag – Pack your homemade food properly in your luggage. You can choose an air-tight bag to store your food properly & preserve it for a long period.
  3. Food storage container – Travelers can pack food items in high-quality containers or bottles while traveling. Properly tight food storage container or bottle lid.
  4. Carry a cooler bag or box for cold food items – you can carry an ice box or cooler bag along with it to store your frozen & cold food products while traveling.
  5. Store dry nuts & crackers in a vacuum bag –  you should store your crispy food items like nuts & crackers in a vacuum bag while traveling, to keep them long-lasting.
  6. Cooler bottles for drink storage –  Passengers can carry cooler bottles to keep water and homemade juices. Cooler bottles will help keep your drinks colder for longer while traveling.
  7. Hot liquid storage thermos –  You should store your hot liquid food in thermos bottles during the trip, to keep it hot for a long period. Thermos is the best utensil to store liquid food for the journey. You can use a thermos bottle to store milk, tea, coffee, & homemade soup during a long trip. When you don’t have Thermos you can buy it from Amazon.
  8. Cane & Plastic Basket for food storage –  To go on a long trip you can select a basket made with plastic & cane to store your Raw vegetables & fruits. You should choose those baskets which have a proper hole for ventilation. Proper ventilation will help to keep your raw food fresh and long-lasting while traveling.
  9. A separate bag for food in luggage – Keep a separate bag for food in carry-on luggage and avoid packing any strong-smelling items with food. You should avoid packing cosmetics, perfumes, detergent, soap & other chemical base items along with food during travel. Any bad smell or chemical can spoil your food. 
  10. Packed & wrapped cooked food – you should pack & wrap your cooked food properly to keep it hot & warm for a long time while traveling. You can use casserole & foil paper to pack your cooked meal.

In this post, we have tried to explain the best food for the journey to feel healthy during the trip. So please share this information with your friends and relatives, it will help them to plan a trip.

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